About me

Well, we have a saying in German … “Umwege erhöhen die Ortskenntnis”. What this basically means, is, that that different stages in your life, different jobs you had, and locations where you lived … they all are not like a dead end. They enlarge, no, they increase your knowledge and experiences.

So, “Detours increase the local knowledge!” is I one of my mottos in life & in business.

So, different stages in my life: My name is Kersten Staat and I was born in Cologne – in the middle of Germany and I moved 25 years ago to Hamburg. In my “first life” I studied German and Mathematics, did an apprenticeship in a medium-sized bank, studied economics at the bank academy and for about 10 years I was the Head of the HR-Department in the National-Bank.

I can really say: My profession is my passion!

I have been a self-employed Business-Trainer for about 25 years. I am a Coach, Consultant and a certified business-mediator too.

I like it, when it is difficult – not easy! And I love to learn – so, I’ve got more than ten qualifications in training-tools and coaching.
So it might seem, that I am 107 years old – but, actually, I’m not!!

Now, I will add a couple things about myself… I’m married and I have a grown-up daughter. I really love to walk in the mountains and to ride my bike, I like my garden and … also dancing tango argentino!

OK, enough about me! By the way … you can find further information on this page.

I’d like to give you couple of key facts about my workshops:

No two workshops are the same!

My clients come from various sectors: financial, IT, media, medical, sales & service and I am also working for NGOs and public corporations.

All my trainings and workshops are absolutely customized and focused on the individual issues of my clients. How do I reach this goal? I use a very clear and structured process:

  • To get the best result, I start with a detailed and structured analysis.
  • Second step is the change of perspectives – from all levels (company, management & staff)
  • The last step has the Headline “Form follows function”. This basically means, that I design a project with promising methods and tools to achieve the best result and to transfer into daily business!

So, you can imagine, that every project is a passion project for me! And when do we meet? See you soon!

Have a nice day!

About me – „Short list“

  • I have been a self-employed business trainer, leadership coach and consultant for 25 years,
  • and a certified business mediator since 2017.
  • Extensive expertise in designing and implementing people development instruments, including appraisal and feedback systems, target agreements, annual employee appraisals, personal and career development interviews, coaching sessions for people returning from sick leave, assessment centres
  • Long-standing experience in designing and implementing strategy-setting and leadership workshops
  • Industry experience: corporate groups, smes and corporations from a wide variety of sectors (including finance, media, industry and manufacturing, sales and services, IT and telecommunications, medical and pharmaceutical)

Detours sharpen my sense of direction. This is the motto that I live by, in my personal life as in my work.

  • Degree in mathematics, German studies and business administration
  • Formal vocational training as a banking clerk
  • Qualification as a banking management specialist
  • Head of Training
  • 10 years in the role of Head of Human Resources at a medium-sized bank

Multiple qualifications and licenses attest my expertise.

  • Certified Business Mediator (TENOS AG)
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) Trainer
  • “License to whisper” Coach for Equine-Assisted Leadership Training
  • SERIOUS WORK® Certified Facilitator of LEGO® Serious Play®
  • Communication and Sales Trainer (BDVT)
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Organisational and family constellations
  • Systemic structural constellations
  • Qualification to certify as a moderator
  • Mediation/energetic body work /Reiki
  • Conflict and stress management

Working languages

  • German
  • English
  • “Northern German straight talk”